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On The Street with Bill Cunningham

Yesterday as I was standing outside my office building, I saw a slim, silver haired man zooming by the city street in his familiar blue worker’s jacket. Bill Cunningham! He is the visionary who’s been documenting street fashion before it was called street fashion! Over 30+ years, he’s been documenting and gathering information of the street of New York through what he sees in fashion. Today I watched a documentary “Bill Cunningham New York” about Bill, an intimate portral of a New Yorker as he portrails New York. Very touching. Highly recommended!

Here’s a trailer of the film and it’s available on DVD or streaming video now.

NY Fashion Week Spring 2012

It’s the New York Fashion Week Spring 2012! The town is buzzing with energy and full of dressed up people zooming around in all directions. The weather is perfect this weekend with blue sky and fall breeze.

For me, the highlights of Day 3 of Fashion Week were Prabal Gurung, Band of Outsiders and Alexander Wang. I particularly liked Prabal Gurung’s show today. The venue was at the Frank Gehry‘s IAC building. This season, the designer created a bold, sexy 90′s inspired neo-feminist collection, inspired by the Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki. There were lots of purples, some turquoise, blacks and whites, interesting cutouts and use of sheer materials. A trench made out of silicone like material. Large floral prints with vibrant colors but with a modern edge, a certain toughness with bondage influence. The make up by Charlotte Tilbury (for MAC cosmetics). The most noticeable was the lip color which had layers of fuchsia, burgundy and black stains with the rest of face in a high shine effect as if the models just had a splash of water over their faces. The hair was led by the amazing Didier Malige (for Fekkai) who created partial wet look to create a feeling of splashing water of the face that gives the feeling of confidence, feminine toughness and sexiness. The collection’s color and shapes were perfectly staged in the IAC building, with its futuristic shapes and purple lighting against the white background. Overall, just perfect!

Here are some of my favorites from the show and a few back stage photos from Vogue and the Runway Video. (Can’t compete with all the huge lens and suspending video cams, but I took a few photos pre-show and backstage :-) )

Of course, part of the fun of a fashion show is the audience. This one commended attentions from Nicki Minaj, Amanda Seyfried, Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann, young Barbara Bush, Hamish Bowles, Grace Coddington, Anna Dello Russo, Andre Leon Talley, Joe Zee, Alina Cho, John Demsey, Bill Cunningham, fashion bloggers Scott Schuman, Garance, Suzie Bubble.

Beach Days

This summer I was lucky to escape the heat waves in New York by hiding in London and San Diego, but as August passing by so quickly, I already feel nostalgic about the summer. I came across some vintage looking photos on the net that truly represented my feelings of the deep summer.

Here’s a summer inspired Czech vintage glass bead necklace with Taupe silk ribbons I made. It will be in the Noho-life online shop shortly!

And while we are at it, relax with this summer flick “Goodbye, Columbus” based on Philip Roth’s novella with the same name. Notice the fantastic wardrobe on Ali MacGraw!

Too Real Is This Feeling of Make-Believe – Oscar de la Renta

Tonight I had the privilege to enjoy a wonderful talk by Oscar de la Renta at FI:AF, one of the world’s greatest fashion designers. What I find most endearing was the little stories of how he met the different people in his life and how he made decisions that led to where he is today. Forty five years in the business, that’s incredible!

Personally I am more of a neutral toned girl, but I enjoy bold colors and floral in linen or cotton for the summer and I can always count on Mr. De la Renta for that beautiful classic dress. In recent years, I started to appreciate his fashion jewelry line as well. It’s bold, statement making and playful! For this spring/summer season, I especially like these over sized green and pink colored candy like jewelry. Come and enjoy “this feeling of make-believe”, the world of Mr. Oscar de la Renta!

Here’s the video from tonight’s talk and some spring jewels.
(courtesy of Oscar de la Renta)

fiafny on Broadcast Live Free

Spring 2011

Fashion Hero – Gareth Pugh A/W 11

Not long ago, I featured Gareth Pugh as the fashion hero of Noho-Life. Well, he did it again! The fall winter collection is  inspired by “religious iconography and Florentine opulence”. I loved how he worked with bonded black leather with the tile effect that fits the body perfectly, the voluminous chiffon pants, the cobalt blue dress and capes, then finally gold jackets and leggings. I am not normally into goth, but I am loving it! They look so modern.

Again, he has collaborated with Ruth Hogben on the video presentation. Check it out!

Gareth Pugh 2011 AW (via

Happy Sunday – Part II, Jas M.B.

Sunday turned out to be more eventful than I had planned.

  1. Dim Sum in Chinatown with 20 friends
  2. Chinese lion dance at Pearl River Mart with another 4 friends
  3. Designers & Agents show to meet friend Jas from Jas M.B. and ordering his fabulous bag

This is Noho-Life!

I love Jas M.B. bags! The design is bold, urban and functional. It’s fashion conscious without trying to be. The Italian leather he uses is dyed and treated in-house in his London workshop, many often come with interesting texture that compliments the design. The leather is super soft and durable and all the hardware is custom designed by Jas. Everything is hand made in England. I can’t wait for my fall 2011 bags from Jas. M.B.!

Here are some of my favorites…You can find Jas M.B. bags in Barney’s NY, Madison LA, Net-A-Porter, Jas M.B stores and many boutiques around the world.

NY Fashion Week AW/11

NY fashion week has come and gone like a whirl wind. I wasn’t able to get myself out much except to attend Son Jun Wan‘s NY debut at the Studio in Lincoln Center. Son Jun Wan is one of the largest Korean design labels. The Autumn/Winter 2011 collection is inspired by the 70′s. I love the neutral color palette, the flowing silk wide legged pants, fur with glitters sewn in and fur trimmed dresses. Often the back has interesting elements that give off a small surprise. I’m looking forward to seeing her shop in NY soon.

The other highlight of the show is my best friend Eloise Cheung, the very talented hair stylist originally from London. She led and designed the hair for the show and the hair compliments beautifully with the cloth. Modern, minimal, shiny!! And the Luis Morais diamond tiara rocks!


(Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week)

Fashion Heroes

Fashion inspires me differently from nature, travels, history, architecture, music, fine arts and jewelry. The way in which an individual fashion designer expresses the vision with materials, human bodies and movements as a form of functional art intrigues me. Some are pure geniuses!

So today I want to share with you one of my Fashion Heroes – Gareth Pugh.

Gareth’s trademark is his experimentation with form and volume that works with the human body to create this new form of object. He presents his work in specially made fashion films collaborated with the talented director Ruth Hogben. For the spring/summer 2011 collection, he ditched runway show all together in favor of the film! To me, his work is different in that the human body is part of the material and the movement is part of the form. Together it creates this new organism.

Here is the video from his 2010 Spring/Summer collection. Let me know what you think!

Gareth Pugh 2011SS (via

Zakka (雑貨) – The Art Of The Handmade

Today I went to Kinokunya near Bryant Park. If you have not been there yet, you MUST! This 3 floored store is a haven for Japanese books, magazines, stationary and gifts. They have a vast selection of art and design books that I can just drown myself into with a cup of coffee overlooking Bryant park. What better ways to spend a cold and gray winter weekend afternoon!

As usual, I stopped by the craft book section to check out their Zakka books. Zakka (雑貨), in Japanese means “miscellaneous goods” that includes interior goods, kitchen goods, cloth, knit, crafts. It represents a style of crafts that is simple, charming, handmade. Over time, the interest in Scandinavian design has also became part of the Zakka movement. Now a days, there are a following in the West on Zakka.

Here are some pictures of the Zakka fashion from the pattern books. You can find many of the pattern books from JapanLovelyCrafts on Etsy if you don’t have a Kinokunya bookstore. All the pattern books are in Japanese with detailed illustration and patterns. If you are up to the challenge, give it a try!


(More photos on my e-mood board here.)