Studio Lunch . Convenient Scallion Pancake

I love a bite of simple scallion pancake dipped into pungent vinegar sauce for brunch or breakfast, but most of the scallion pancake offerings in Chinese restaurants tend to be a bit greasy. I have not tried to make scallion pancake from the scratch yet, perhaps that’s a future project. What I have found is a ready made scallion pancake from the frozen food section in Asian grocery stores. It’s convenient to make and you can add your creative embellishment to make it uniquely yours.

This morning I sautéed some finely chopped green onions with a bit of salt and oil and sprinkled on top of the pancakes. The dipping sauce is a mix of equal amount of Chinese dark vinegar and light soy sauce, with a dash of sesame oil and pepper flakes.

I added some sliced spring red radishes to compliment the plate. The radish is crunchy and taste refreshing together with the pancake. Dipping into the vinegar sauce adds some spice to it.

This is one of the brands of scallion pancake you can get. Each pancake is separated which makes it really easy to take out. Just add a bit of oil in the pan and put the whole frozen pancake in. It takes a few minutes to brown both side of the pancake. A really convenient snack!