Oodles of Noodles

I don’t usually go to Ippudo because it’s always a mob scene, you have to wait for more than an hour to get a seat. Thanks for Elly being so organized, she booked an 8:30pm reservation so that we can show Vanessa (visiting from London) just how frenetic the New Yorker can be for a bowl of ramen!

So on a frigid Friday night, we slurped these delicious noodles…Yummy!

Wasabi Shoyu Ramen. A Soy sauce and vegetable based noodle soup, topped with bean curd, wasabi, menma, nori, scallions, and wasabi infused oil.

Karaka Kogashi Miso Ramen. A ”Chintan” chicken base noodle soup, a dard, rich broth made from black charred miso, with Ippudo special blended hot spice, topped with pork chashu, cabbage, bok choy, menma, naruto, scallions, and glazed with a layer of oil.

I love the shape of this bowl too!